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Distributor of Lockers & Accessories

Since 1968, we have specialized in providing high quality storage and material handling equipment for our customers in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and the southeast. We supply lockers of all varieties and styles including steel, plastic, wood, and aluminum construction. We partner with manufacturers such as Lyon Workspace Products, Republic Steel, Comtec Industries, and Hollman for a complete ability to provide a solution to any need. Lyon and Republic Lockers are stocked at our Chattanooga, TN facility in many standard sizes in one tier, two tier, three tier, five tier and six tier configurations. We can ship lockers KD or fully assembled in Dove Grey or Putty colors. Many other designer colors are available and can be ordered and manufactured specific for a project. Built in Master Locks can be added along with slope hoods, end finish panels, metal Z base and maple top benches for a finished appearance. Maple top benches are available 48",60",72", 96" and 120" lengths from stock. Benches feature painted steel pedestals with optional aluminum or HD cast iron available.

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 Lockers and Accessories


Tufftec Lockers (PDF 3.29 MB)
Hollman Wood Lockers (PDF 1.02 MB)
TheLockerBook (PDF 1.92 MB)
Lyon Locker Specifier's Guide (PDF 7.38 MB)

For highlighted product information about Lyon Workspace Products, click here or see below.

Steel Set-Up Lockers
Attractive all steel construction
Fully assembled and ready to use
Pop rivet construction
Louvered doors for ventilation
1 or 3 wide locker setup
Single, double, or multiple tier locker
LockeRack® 16 Person Locker
Door pulls serve as padlock clasps
Compartments are 12" W x 18" D x 12" H
Overall dimensions are 12" W x 18" D x 78" H
Available in dove gray, putty, or wedgewood blue
For the use of 16 people
Unit weight of 46 to 185 lbs.
Locker Benches
Attractive hardwood seats
Protective clear sealer
Benches 9' and larger have three pedestals
Dimensions from 72" x 18" to 120" x 18"
Unit weight from 35.2 lbs. to 55.3 lbs.
Available in Dove Gray or Putty
Single Tier Lockers
Convenient shelf with full length locking storage
12" Wide units have a double-prong ceiling hook and 3 single-prong hooks
Available in 1 or 3 wide lockers
Coat rod included in 18" D and 21" D lockers
Four hooks in lockers 15" and wider
Dimensions from 12" x 12" x 60" to 18" x 21" x 72"
Double Tier Lockers
12" Wide lockers have one double-prong and three single-prong coat hooks
Ideal for short term use or where short coats are stored
Dove Gray or Putty finish
Unit weight of 13 to 32 lbs.
Come in 1 or 3 wide locker
Dimensions from 12" x 12" x 36" to 15" x 15" x 36"
Multiple Tier Lockers
Excellent storage for classrooms, labs, gyms, bowling alleys, etc
Dove Gray or Putty finish
Doors have one point latching system
Doors are equipped with padlock clasps with door pulls
Come in 4 to 6 units high
Come in 1 or 3 units wide

For more info on other Lockers & Accessories, see below.

Premium Lockers
Wardrobe lockers are available in single, double, and triple tier models
Single tier lockers are provided with one hat shelf
Single, double, and triple tier wardrobe lockers include a stainless steel recessed handle with gravity lift-type latching
Standard hardware is 2 single hooks and 1 double ceiling hook. No hooks for 6-tier lockers
Furnished with 6" legs
Overall dimensions from 12" x 12" x 78" to 36" x 12" x 78"
Bulk Storage Lockers
Attach add-on units as needed
Units are pad lockable with steel frames
Attach easily to existing walls
Single or double tier units are 90" high
Enamel dark gray finish
Choice of 3' or 4' widths
Tufftec Lockers
Design Options & Accessories Available
Locker Applications - Athletics, Emergency Response, Industrial, Healthcare, Recreation, Mining, Education, Specialty
Tufftec Benches are also available
Hollman Wood Lockers
Constructed from choise veneer or high-impact laminate
Careful engineering to accommodate specialty sports equipment and player needs
Integrated player seating
Ventilated lower storage for shoes & large equipment
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