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Stocking Distributor of SSI Schaefer Racking Systems & Storage Equipment

Schaefer Shelving

Prestige Sales Company is a trusted source of storage equipment from many top manufacturers, and our customers in the southeastern U.S. have come to rely on us through our decades of service. We are proud to partner with SSI Schaeffer to provide a multitude of high quality racking systems and accessories and other storage systems. Schaefer offers advanced mobile racking systems that offer the customer the opportunity to take advantage of and utilize every square foot that their warehouse has to offer. SSI Schaeffer also offers the Vertical Lift LogiMat, an automated storage and picking solution that offers high density storage for small parts, that is efficient and flexible.

The above is just a sample of the fine Schaefer products that we offer for our clients in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. To learn more, please contact us directly.


 Schaefer Products


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