Other Automated Systems

PSC is equipped to offer many other semi-automated and fully automated material handling solutions, including the below and others, as our customers seek operational efficiencies.

Racking Crane System

Racking Crane Systems are AS/RS systems that store and retrieve loads as directed by a WMS

Versatile in nature, these systems can handle various sizes and configurations of pallets. They have high-quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance, and seamlessly integrate with existing WMS systems. Considering that all pallets are handled by the crane system, the number of forklifts a company needs is reduced, and thus, the level of forklift traffic is dampened, providing a safer workspace.

Stacker Crane

Mobile Racking System

Mobile Racking Systems consist of pallet rack on carriages to minimize wasted space due to aisles

Considering the minimization of forklift aisles, mobile racking systems are one of the premier solutions for making efficient use of space. The system allows for dense storage, and with the speed of the mobile bases, direct access is available to any pallet in a reasonable time frame. The system can be operated from the floor, or remotely


Vertical Sheet Lift System

Vertical Sheet Lift Systems are semi-automated systems that capitalize on height to typically store sheets

Vertical Sheet Lift Systems reduce the horizontal footprint needed to store product, which can enable increased available inventory. Given the basic ease of access and fast retrieval times, customers can improve capital equipment output by up to 15 – 20%. Additionally, vertical sheet lift systems inherently increase safety, both for operators (i.e., reduces forklift traffic, increases opportunities to be in ergonomic positions) and for the product (i.e., decreases product damage)


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