Pallet Shuttle System

PSC has partnered with Automha to offer their semi-automated deep lane storage system, Pallet Runner.  Configurable to FIFO or LIFO flow, Pallet Runner is drive-in without driving-in, push-back without pushing back, and pallet flow without gravity and unsafe pallet hang ups.


Product Description and Benefits

Pallet Runner is a high-density deep lane storage system that features a shuttle vehicle that runs on rails inside a rack to retrieve and store pallets. Forklifts move the shuttles throughout the system to allow each lane to be loaded / unloaded.

This solution is cost effective at ~1,200 pallet positions and is prime for low SKU count, fast moving operations

Save Time

  • First in class throughput (100+ pallets per hour per cart, dependent on set-up) enables maximum facility production
  • Labor hours spent storing product cut drastically

Save Space

  • Store as densely as drive-in rack, with controllable pallet spacing (0.79 inches and up), so rack footprint within a facility is minimized

Reduce Risks

  • Less damage to rack since lifts do not have to drive within system
  • Less damage to product since carts transport load to position

Save Energy

  • Reduces fuel needs for lift trucks
  • Minimal lighting needed within lanes of racking system

Inventory Management

  • Simple to count inventory within a lane given “Inventory” function
  • With WIFI enabled cart, ability to interface with most WMS systems


10 models of Pallet Runner carts are available based on the pallet size. The general specifications are as follows

Category Specification
Pallet SizeConfigurable to any width, can handle different depth pallets
CapacityStandard Carts = 3000 lbs.
Heavy Duty Carts = 4400 lbs.
Pallet Spacing.79 inches and up (.39-inch increments)
Temperature-22 to +132 degrees Fahrenheit
Battery 48 V Lithium-Ion Battery; Recharges in 5 Hours
Run Time10-12 Hours (Idle time does not count towards run time)

Fully Automated

While Pallet Runner is a semi-automated solution, PSC also partners with Automha on their fully-automated pallet shuttle system. This fully-automated solution, known as AutosatMover, consists of Supercap (like Pallet Runner, but powered by a capacitor) and AutosatMover (“Mother” cart). In a typical AutosatMover system, a lifter will transport a pallet to the correct level within a system. The AutosatMover will then transport the pallet to the correct bay, and the Supercap will transport the pallet to the correct position. These systems are usually fully integrated with a customer’s WMS, which governs all the movements.

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