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Prestige Sales Company, Inc. is Chattanooga, Tennessee’s premier Vertical Lift Module (VLM) supplier. We are the only Authorized Modula Dealer in Tennessee, and manage a 300 mile radius around Chattanooga

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Product Description and Benefits

Prestige Sales Company is bringing some of the most advanced storage solutions to the Chattanooga area.

By partnering with Modula, we have access to premium vertical lift technology, first in class lead times, and robust technical support. All of this is possible because Modula VLMs are manufactured in the USA (plants in Franklin, OH and Lewiston, ME).

American Made Vertical Lift Module

Modula’s American made automated storage and retrieval systems transform your material handling, dramatically boosting productivity and accuracy, reducing storage space requirements, and enhancing worker safety and job satisfaction.

Surprisingly easy to operate and integrate with existing ERP, MRP, WMS, and DMS systems, Modula’s storage and management systems provide real time-time visibility into inventory status, maintenance requirements, and other key operational parameters.

“Parts to Picker” Principle

Built on the “parts to picker” principle, Modula VLMs deliver items to the operator’s location where picking and replenishment take place. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent searching for parts, as operators no longer have to wase time walking down long aisles of shelving.

Modula VLMs are semi-automated solutions that minimize horizontal footprint used, but maximize vertical space captured. A myriad of features such as dual tray delivery, laser pointers, and many others are available to customize a machine.

When considering the ROI of a Modula VLM (typically 6-18 months), customers can attribute cost savings to 6 primary areas:

  • Save Time

Depending on the specific unit (i.e., size, single-tray delivery vs. dual-tray delivery), the set-up of that unit (i.e., average picks each time a tray is presented), and the confirmation of pick time, an employee can achieve up to 200 picks per hour. 1 employee is needed for every 2 VLMs.

  • Save Space

Dead space in traditional storage systems (i.e., shelving, racking) can be minimized with a VLM. Depending on the configuration, up to 90% less square footage is required to store the same volume of parts in a VLM vs. traditional storage

  • Reduce Risks

Automatics safety cut-offs (i.e., doors) and the ergonomic design of the Modula VLM put safety first. Parts are delivered directly to the operator so they do not have to move around / bend in the warehouse, reducing the possibility for injury and product damage

  • Increase Security

User profiles can be created, limiting access to certain trays to only select employees. The multitude of user authentication features enables security with almost any existing set-up. Every movement is automatically logged in the VLM, allowing traceability when contradictions occur.

  • Improve Inventory Management

Since the units trace the movement of items – in and out – the tasks associated with inventory monitoring are all but eliminated. When leveraging the Modula Premium Software package, inventory control will tie directly into a company’s ERP

  • Improve Accuracy

With traditional warehouses, human errors are nearly unavoidable, and at a high enough volume / pick price, can become extremely costly. With the appropriate visual aid features, 99% accuracy can be achieved with a VLM.


The Modula Vertical Lift Module product line has three primary configurations

  • Modula Lift: The most popular Modula VLM. Lift is the ideal storage solution for industrial products, components, and spare parts for all possible environments and industries.
  • Modula Slim: The most compact VLM on the market. Slim is the perfect choice for warehouses with limited floor space that need flexible storage options. Slim uses the same advanced storage technology as the Lift model, but in a much smaller footprint. Built on a pre-assembled base module, the Slim is easy to ship and quick to install (installation in as quick as 48 hours).
  • Modula OnePick: The fully automated (no operator required) solution. The OnePick combines in one machine all the benefits of VLM technology with an integrated robotic system to pick and place boxes or totes. The system integrates seamlessly with conveyors and AGVs.

Modula Lift

Modula Slim

Modula One Pick

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