Mezzanine-Industrial Work Platform

Mezzanine Applications

In the quest for additional square footage, many of these companies fail to capitalize upon the solution they already possess: the space above their facility’s ground floor.

Mezzanines are a versatile piece of equipment. In addition to increasing your work space, they can be used for storage, conveyor support, Inplant offices, or anything else that just needs some elevation. The primary purpose of any industrial mezzanine installation is to increase the total amount of available space within a facility. However, not all facilities elect to use the square footage from their steel platform in the same way.

Not a One Size Fits All Solutions

Engineered and designed with you in mind. Wildeck Platforms are designed to be the most economical for the load rating, size, span, height that you need. Prestige Sales Company has many years of experience in the Chattanooga and Atlanta area with delivering mezzanine projects to our customers. From the initial measurements until project completion, we work with our customers to ensure timely progress until completion.

Platform Advantages

In the Chattanooga as well as Atlanta area, Prestige Sales Company is the most experienced with providing customers the platforms they desire. By partnering with one of the top manufacturing companies, we can provide a high quality mezzanine at an affordable cost. Wildeck® industrial steel work platforms are your best solution to fully utilize existing overhead space so you can operate more efficiently and profitably. You can gain valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing areas at a fraction of the cost of new construction. Industrial work platforms may also come with a significant tax depreciation advantage. Wildeck can help you put this space to work fast, with minimal interruption to your working floor area.

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