At Prestige Sales Company, we represent many broad lines of package, parts and pallet conveyors. We have the capabilities to quick ship many standard sizes, styles and capacities. This includes belt conveyors, which are an inexpensive way to move product and packages over a long distance. Because of the simple design, belt conveyors can utilize one drive over a long distance, making them an economical choice.


Gravity rollers are on of the most economical choices in moving packages with a flat bottom. Typically these are mounted with a degree of decline to allow gravity to move the packages. They can also be mounted level, to allow an operator to assist the package to its destination. These really shine when you need a temporary setup and do not want to spend a lot of money running electrical.


Live Roller

Live roller conveyors use power to propel boxed and palletized products down the line. They are an economical solution for many different industries and applications, including warehousing, manufacturing, and beverage distribution. These powered rollers are a durable solution for medium-to large-size product. They can be chain or belt driven depending on your needs.

Skate Wheel

Skate wheel Conveyor is idea for light weight packages with a flat firm bottom. It is similar to gravity conveyor as they are installed with a slight decline for package movement or flat with operator assistance for movement. Skate wheel typically requires less force/decline to move packages. These types of conveyor are adaptable to different size and weight packages. Skate wheel conveyor also come in an accordion style. Accordion Expandable Skate Wheel Conveyors can provide unparalleled flexibility. They set up in seconds, fold up for space saving storage and expand to 4 times their length. All to accommodate a wide range of industrial settings.

Skate Wheel Conveyor

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