Dock Leveler

Edge of Dock Leveler

The Aaron-Bradley™ Edge of Dock leveler (EOD) provides a wide range of sizes and capacities to fit your application and your budget. They have proven to be both dependable and affordable. The EOD is designed with a torsion spring mechanism and is available in 20, 25, 30 and 35,000 lb. capacities. As a result of the design, there is no Lifting. It is a Simple pull-push of the lever bar automatically that sets the leveler into place. Therefore, lowering the chances of  back injuries or mashed fingers from handling portable dock boards. It returns to stored position when truck departs

Shelters / Seals

The Aaron-Bradley dock seals are designed to seal the space between the shipping dock wall and the delivery truck / trailer. Their primary functions are to provide energy conservation and protect freight from the elements of weather. Also available is the  RT’, ‘FT’ and ‘RL’ dock shelters and rail shelters. They cover the gap between the dock wall and the delivery truck / trailer or at the rail dock. Available in rigid and flexible/collapsible frames, the shelters typically allow full width access to the vehicle/train car for unrestricted entry and exit. Therefore protecting freight from the elements of weather.

Dock Door
Dock Bumpers


Dock Bumpers are an great addition to you dock equipment. They provide a ‘cushion’ between the truck/trailer and the dock. Therefore, they are a great way to reduce damage to dock doors and trailers. They are available in molded and laminated models with all industry standard sizes for all applications. Custom designed and unique applications are available. The laminated bumpers come with end angles or flat “weldable” plates and have been compressed under 1500 lbs of pressure.

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