Lyon Modular Drawer

Modular Drawer Cabinet

Modular Drawer Cabinets provide you with the highest density storage for small to medium sized items, parts, or tools. Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50%. Lyon’s modular drawers fully extend to provide 100% visibility and access to the stored product. These modular cabinets with drawers have a wide base opening for forklift access.Modular Drawer Cabinets can work great as a tool crib it can have multiple drawer access which allows quick access to several drawers at once. The Lyon standard lock securely locks all of the drawers at one time. The double-wall construction makes these metal drawers the best in the industry when they are either empty or full. Lyon modular storage drawers hold up to 400 lbs due to the top notch glides.

Bin Shelving

Bin shelving is a great option when high security is not needed or shelving systems are going to be placed in a secured ares. It allow open access to the bins arranged on the shelving. Both the bins and the shelving can be customized to fit any need a customer might have. This is also a relatively cheap alternative to storing small parts and tools.

Tool Crib

Bin Cabinets

Bin cabinets are great when you need to store smaller items with a little bit more security. By placing the bins in a cabinet, it allows you to secure the items when they are not in use. Our suppliers now have the cabinets and bins bundled so you can order just one part number for both. Or you can also order them separate depending on your needs.

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