Modular offices, Walls and Partitions provide flexible and economical solutions for a wide range of construction requirements. In the Chattanooga, TN area, Prestige Sales Company offers these products from the top manufacturers in the field. From Inplant Office, Inc. we offer aluminum and painted steel framed one, two, three and four wall building systems. Modular offices are ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial operations, these systems are available in numerous wall types, core options, coatings and panel finishes. Also, we provide the Super-Vision Partition System from Singer Safety. Super-Vision System partitions are made of flexible, tear resistant vinyl that resists fire, water, oil, mildew and most acids. They are available in standard heights of 8′, 10′ and 12′ but custom sizes are available. Another product we offer is the complete line of WireCrafters Woven Wire Partitions and Enclosures. These partitions are available in painted, stainless and galvanized steel in both woven and welded wire construction.

Modular Office

Prestige Sales Company located in Chattanooga, TN is a provider of modular offices built by InPlant Offices. Modular offices are a great option for creating office space, lab areas, as well as clean rooms. Designed to be completely flexible to fit your needs. These offices can even be 2 levels high.

InPlant Offices, Incorporated (InPlant) manufactures the widest product range in Modular and Prefabricated Building Systems to fit your needs. Their systems are available in 1¾˝ or 3˝ thickness and come in either anodized extruded aluminum or painted steel. Based on the environment and purpose of your Fabricated Buildings or Partitions, InPlant will customize a Modular Office, Enclosure or Booth for you. Maximize your valuable space with clear spans up to 40´ wide in non-load bearing applications; or expand vertically with second story fabricated buildings; or have a load-bearing roof above your modular office with load capacities up to 125 pounds per square foot to utilize the roof space for a storage or production area.

Wire Partitions

WireCrafters Style 840 Woven Wire Partition System. Wire partitions, unlike chain link fenceor other alternatives, are fully framed wire mesh panels that bolt together section by section. Most maintenance departments can install this modular partitioning product without the use of special tools or equipment; allowing for an easy installation of tool cribs and security cages.

Using our wire partition panels, you may construct walls and ceilings from the same modular sized panels. Stacked to your desired wall height, the partition panels easily bolt to posts using standard hand tools. A full line of hinged, double hinged, and sliding doors are available, and the open but secure design allows free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout the secured areas.


Vinyl Curtin

GlideWall Track & Roller Partition Systems provide the ultimate in workspace efficiency and flexibility.

They also can help conserve energy, increase productivity, provide protection, create privacy and contain environmental hazards. Easy to roll out of the way, when they are not needed or full access to a space is required

The GlideWall Track & Roller System combines a range of partition materials with Singer Safety Company’s durable hardware. Five different partitioning systems are available to meet specific needs. Custom orders are also available.

Vinyl Partition

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