IN-Stock Pallet Rack- Chattanooga, TN

Prestige Sales Company is located in the Chattanooga, TN area. We are proud to provide our customers with both high quality and competitively priced racking and shelving equipment. We deliver by offering superb products from top suppliers including Steel King Industries. Steel King Industries provides many different styles and design’s including Roll Formed Tubular and Structural Channel construction. We stock the most popular sizes of the Steel King SK2000 pallet racking at our facility for immediate shipment. By being located in the Chattanooga area, we are centrally located to several metropolitan areas to all our customers.

For both roll formed or structural, non stock material contact us for lead times and quote. Weather stock or manufactured material, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.

Selective Racking

Cantilever Racking

Large Racking System

Selective pallet racking is the most common and versatile type of pallet storage. The most economical way to take advantage of your vertical space and great for just about any operation, especially ones that have a large number of SKU’s. Available in roll-form for a standard duty application or structural form for heavier duty applications.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks are unique among racks in that they employ vertical supports at the rear of the rack only, with “arms” extending from the columns at the back of the system to support loads. The benefit of this configuration is wide-open access at the front of the rack for loading and storing a wide variety of long, bulky or awkward loads.

Dense Storage


Pallet Flow

Dense storage pallet rack is a great solution for getting use out of every inch of space. Depending on the type of dense storage that you use, FIFO/LIFO is available for use. Types of dense storage include drive-in/drive-thru, push back, and pallet flow. These are all great options for when you are running out of space and need to condense storage into a smaller footprint.

Maximize your storage space with Lyon industrial open/closed shelving. With the open shelving, you are able to see the contents of a shelving unit from any side. If high visibility of stored items is a must then this is the style of shelving for you. Lyon’s 8000 series box shelves are the the most versatile shelving units for your storage.  These shelving units are the industry standard.

Other Shelving Types Available.

Specialty Rack

Forming dies are an inherent part of many manufacturing processes. Given their weight, size and shapes that do not stack well, manufacturing dies are often difficult to store. Steel King’s heavy-duty industrial steel shelving die storage racks provide the strength, capacity, and flexibility to efficiently store even the largest dies, while still providing easy access on the production floor.

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