Modula SLIM

Modula Slim is the perfect choice for warehouses with limited floor space that need flexible storage options.  It’s perfect for storing a wide array of materials and products, including containers, (boxes, bins, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, bottles, loose material, and more.

The Most Compact Model-

Modula SLIM

Modula SLIM is the ideal storage solution for small parts, box, bins, and other various small items. The SLIM has a load capacity twice as much as a typical vertical carousel, in one of the smallest foot prints. Sitting at only 32.29 square feet, this is one of the most compact VLMs on the market. Just think of what you could do with all that saved space.

The Slim comes in three different widths of 66.33, 89.96, and 113.58 inches to fit your needs. SLIM uses dynamic storage to calculate the best way of arranging trays, to eliminate wasted space. Allowing you to use all the available space in your VLM.

Not only is the SLIM smart, it is also energy efficient. With a choice of a three-phase (480V) or single-phase (220V) power supply, Slim consumes less than 1.2kW/h.

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SLIM – 48HR Installation Time- Operator Friendly

Modula SLIM is built on a pre-assembled base module which
is easy to ship and quick to install. This means the VLM can be
set up in your plant and ready in 48 hours. It’s also easy to bring online and connect with your company’s existing inventory management systems.

SLIM’s integrated 10.4″ intuitive touchscreen interface will allow your staff to be up to speed in no time. Allowing you to take advantage of SLIM’s great design and start realizing your ROI thanks to an automatic increase in available picking speed.

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All That Power In One Little Box – Modula SLIM

Slim uses the same advanced storage technology as our Lift model – boosting productivity, accuracy and inventory management – but in a much smaller footprint.

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