Selective Racking

Selective Racking is the most common and versatile type of pallet storage. It is the most economical way to take advantage of vertical space, and is great for just about any operation, especially ones that have many SKUs. It is available in either a roll-form steel for a standard duty application, or a structural form steel for heavier duty applications. PSC prides itself on assisting customers from idea generation to design to installation.

Specialty Racking

When standard Selective Rack is not a fit for one’s operation, PSC also offers a complete portfolio of specialty racking systems. Whether it is Cantilever Racking for long width parts, Drive-In/Drive-Through, Push Back, or Pallet Flow for dense storage applications, or Die Storage Rack for heavy duty parts, PSC has a longstanding experience helping customers think through the optimal racking system for their operation.  

Automated Storage Systems

Automation can be a big jump, but when demand continues to grow, and customers face space and / or labor constraints, PSC is able to help customers think through potential semi and fully automated systems. PSC’s sales and design team will analyze a customer’s operation, confirm that automation is a stronger solution than traditional storage systems, present potential concepts, and implement the chosen system. Vertical Lift Modules and Horizontal Carousels for small parts storage, Pallet Shuttle Systems for deep lane storage, Mobile Racking Systems and Racking Crane Systems for automated racking, and Vertical Lift Systems for sheet metal products are just a few of the solutions we can offer.

Modular Offices

Modular offices are an excellent solution when you need more enclosed space but want to avoid costly building enhancements. They provide flexibility for the future, and PSC is adept at delivering and installing a turn-key solution. PSC has experience working with partners who can help integrate fire, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other systems to make these buildings truly stand-alone structures.


In the quest for additional square footage, many companies fail to capitalize upon the solution they already possess, the space above their facility’s ground floor. In addition to increasing workspace, Mezzanines can be used for storage, conveyor support, and Modular Offices. In addition to supplying and installing Mezzanines, PSC also provides complimentary equipment such as Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs).


PSC provides endless combinations of material, color, and designs for these personal storage spaces. Our team’s experience with this product line dates back to the beginning of our company history, so whether it is a school, hospital, or company changing room, we’ve seen every possible layout and can help our customers through the process of choosing and installing the right product for their specific space.