Many times a standard product size simply won’t work with existing applications and processes. Rather than ordering costly special sizes, our custom fabrication or modification service can help save you time and money. We fabricate, or modify equipment and accessories for special applications, helping our customers complete projects quicker by eliminating delays.

For our industrial storage racks, there are many different styles, designs, and grades available. It is important to consider all factors before undertaking a modification or fabrication. Weight, size, and product type are crucial in developing a design, but many other issues come into play. Safety is always the most important. All of our fabrications and modifications are designed using suppliers that follow the guide lines of RMI & other industry standards. Various decking options are available & include wire, solid steel, corrugated steel, plywood, particle board, and specialty wood decks.

Our shelving custom fabrication and modification allows us to design your initial systems to meet future goals and requirements Many times, two-level shelving or shelving-supported mezzanines are developed, which requires the appropriate framing for the support of the floor system.

We can fabricate or modify mezzanine systems to meet specific capacities, from the minimum 125 lb. PSF live load required by OSHA. We work with you to determine required spans and heights, depending on uses and applications.

Modular offices can be modified for a variety of uses, with custom sizes, configurations, shapes, layouts, and wiring. We can build in single or two-story arrangements with a wide variety of wall systems for various atmospheres. Units can be built to meet local codes, and stamped by a state-approved engineer.

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